Bitumen 60/70

A comprehensive Guide for Bitumen 60/70: Its characteristics, Industrial Applications, Advantages & Disadvantages

Bitumen 60/70, also known as penetration grade bitumen, is a widely used material in the construction and industrial sectors. Known for its durability, flexibility, and excellent binding properties, Bitumen 60/70 plays a crucial role in various applications ranging from road construction to waterproofing and roofing. This comprehensive blog delves into the properties, industrial applications, advantages, disadvantages, and future prospects of Bitumen 60/70, with a focus on Peak Universal Business as a leading supplier.

Understanding Bitumen 60/70

What is Bitumen 60/70?

Bitumen 60/70 is a penetration grade bitumen, which means its hardness and viscosity are measured by the degree of penetration of a standard needle at 25°C. The numbers 60/70 indicate that the needle penetration is between 60 and 70 decimeters. This grade of bitumen is known for its optimal balance of hardness and flexibility, making it suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Characteristics of Bitumen 60/70

  • Penetration: 60-70 mm
  • Softening Point: 48-56°C
  • Flash Point: Minimum 230°C
  • Ductility: Minimum 100 cm
  • Solubility in Trichloroethylene: Minimum 99%
  • Color: Black or dark brown

Industrial Applications of Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70 is highly valued for its versatility and robustness. Here are some of the most significant industrial applications:

1. Road Construction

  • Asphalt Pavements

Bitumen 60/70 is extensively used in the construction of asphalt pavements. Its properties ensure a durable, smooth, and safe surface for vehicles. The bitumen binds the aggregate particles together, providing stability and reducing road maintenance costs.

  • Road Repairs

For road repairs and maintenance, Bitumen 60/70 is used in patching materials and slurry seals. Its adhesive properties ensure that repair materials bond well with existing road surfaces, extending the life of the repairs.

2. Waterproofing

  • Roof Waterproofing

Bitumen 60/70 is a key component in waterproofing membranes used for roofs. Its impermeable nature prevents water penetration, protecting buildings from water damage and leaks.

  • Foundation Waterproofing

In foundation waterproofing, Bitumen 60/70 is applied to prevent groundwater from seeping into basements and underground structures. This application is crucial in areas with high water tables or heavy rainfall.

3. Roofing

  • Roofing Felt

Bitumen 60/70 is used in the production of roofing felt, which provides an additional layer of protection against the elements. The bitumen coating ensures the felt is waterproof and durable.

  • Shingles

Bitumen 60/70 is also used in the manufacture of asphalt shingles, a popular roofing material due to its cost-effectiveness, durability, and ease of installation.

4. Industrial Flooring

Bitumen 60/70 is used in industrial flooring systems to provide a durable and resilient surface. Its application in factories, warehouses, and workshops ensures a long-lasting floor that can withstand heavy machinery and traffic.

5. Pipe Coating

In the oil and gas industry, Bitumen 60/70 is used to coat pipelines to prevent corrosion and protect against harsh environmental conditions. The bitumen layer acts as a barrier, extending the life of the pipelines.

6. Insulation

Bitumen 60/70 is used in insulation materials to provide thermal resistance and waterproofing. It is commonly used in building construction to insulate walls, roofs, and foundations.

7. Adhesives and Sealants

Bitumen 60/70 is a critical component in the production of industrial adhesives and sealants. Its adhesive properties ensure strong bonds and long-lasting seals in various applications, including construction and automotive industries.

8. Damp Proofing

Bitumen 60/70 is used in damp proof courses (DPC) to prevent moisture from rising through walls and floors. This application is essential in building construction to maintain the structural integrity and prevent damp-related issues.

9. Airport Runways

The construction and maintenance of airport runways require materials that can withstand heavy loads and high traffic. Bitumen 60/70 provides the necessary durability and flexibility to handle these demands, ensuring safe and long-lasting runways.

10. Bridge Deck Waterproofing

Bridge decks are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and heavy traffic. Bitumen 60/70 is used in waterproofing membranes to protect the decks from water infiltration and corrosion, enhancing the lifespan of the structures.

Advantages of Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70 offers several advantages that make it a preferred material in various industrial applications:

1. Durability

Bitumen 60/70 provides long-lasting performance, making it suitable for applications that require high durability, such as road construction and waterproofing.

2. Flexibility

Its flexible nature allows it to withstand temperature variations and heavy loads without cracking or deteriorating.

3. Waterproofing

Bitumen 60/70 is impermeable to water, making it ideal for applications where waterproofing is essential, such as roofing and foundation waterproofing.

4. Adhesive Properties

Its excellent adhesive properties ensure strong bonds in road construction, repairs, and industrial adhesives and sealants.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Bitumen 60/70 is a cost-effective material that provides high performance at a relatively low cost, making it an economical choice for many industrial applications.

Disadvantages and Considerations of Bitumen 60/70

While Bitumen 60/70 offers numerous benefits, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

1. Environmental Impact

Bitumen is derived from petroleum, making its production and use associated with environmental concerns, including greenhouse gas emissions and oil spills.

2. Temperature Sensitivity

Bitumen 60/70 can become brittle in extremely cold temperatures and soft in high temperatures, potentially affecting its performance in extreme climates.

3. Health and Safety

Handling and applying bitumen can pose health and safety risks, including exposure to fumes and burns. Proper safety measures and protective equipment are necessary during its use.

Future Prospects of Bitumen 60/70

The future of Bitumen 60/70 in industrial applications is promising, with ongoing research and development aimed at improving its properties and expanding its use.

1. Sustainable Alternatives

Research is focused on developing sustainable alternatives to traditional bitumen, such as bio-based bitumen and recycled materials, to reduce the environmental impact.

2. Advanced Formulations

Innovations in bitumen formulations are enhancing its performance, making it more suitable for high-demand applications and extreme environmental conditions.

3. Improved Safety Measures

Developing safer handling and application methods for bitumen is a priority to minimize health and safety risks for workers.

Why Choose Peak Universal Business as Your Bitumen 60/70 Supplier?

Peak Universal Business is a leading supplier of Bitumen 60/70, offering high-quality products tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Here are compelling reasons to choose Peak Universal Business as your supplier:

1. Superior Quality

Peak Universal Business ensures that its Bitumen 60/70 meets the highest standards of quality and consistency, providing reliable performance for all applications.

2. Industry Expertise

With extensive experience in the industry, Peak Universal Business has the expertise to understand and meet the specific requirements of its clients.

3. Customer Support

The company offers excellent customer support, providing technical assistance, product guidance, and after-sales service to ensure client satisfaction.

4. Competitive Pricing

Peak Universal Business offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality, making it an economical choice for businesses.

5. Sustainable Practices

Committed to sustainability, Peak Universal Business adopts environmentally friendly practices in its operations, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint.


Bitumen 60/70 is a versatile and essential material in various industrial applications. Its unique properties, including durability, flexibility, waterproofing, and adhesive properties, make it invaluable in road construction, waterproofing, roofing, industrial flooring, pipe coating, insulation, adhesives and sealants, damp proofing, airport runways, and bridge deck waterproofing. While it offers numerous advantages, considerations regarding its environmental impact, temperature sensitivity, and health and safety risks are important.

The future prospects of Bitumen 60/70 are promising, with ongoing research aimed at developing sustainable alternatives, advanced formulations, and improved safety measures. Peak Universal Business stands out as a premier supplier, offering high-quality Bitumen 60/70 tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries. By choosing Peak Universal Business, you ensure the success of your projects with reliable, high-performance Bitumen 60/70, backed by extensive industry expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

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