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Cutback Bitumen Medium Curing MC 3000

Product Overview

Enhance your road construction with our superior

Cutback Bitumen Medium Curing MC 3000


High quality Cutback Bitumen Medium Curing MC 3000

, specifically engineered for superior pavement performance.  Rely on

Peak Universal Business

for consistent quality, competitive prices, and reliable sourcing. Choose our Cutback Bitumen Medium Curing MC 3000 to enhance the workability and durability of your asphalt applications. Elevate your construction projects with excellence; choose our premium-grade MC 3000 cutback bitumen.

Cutback Bitumen

Cutback Bitumen MC3000 is a mixture of bitumen and solvents, primarily kerosene. Many countries derive kerosene and other volatile petroleum products and add them as a cutter or cutback agent to bitumen to reduce the viscosity of the bitumen. Additionally, the reduction in viscosity of bitumen aids in the construction of seal coats in pavements as the softened mixture wets chips more easily. The cutback agent evaporates from the seal coat, becoming a negligible component of the seal coat a few months after application.
However, if significant amounts of the cutback agent remain in the seal coat, an unwanted long-term softening effect may result.
Uses of Cutback Bitumen MC-3000
Cutback bitumen MC-3000 serves various purposes, including:

  1. Surface Incorporation: It is used to incorporate asphalt into non-asphalt-based surfaces before any further construction treatment.
  2. Waterproofing: MC-3000 is applied to waterproof surfaces effectively.
  3. Void Filling: It plugs capillary voids, ensuring a smooth surface.
  4. Mineral Particle Bonding: It coats and bonds loose mineral particles, enhancing surface stability.
  5. Viscosity Reduction: Cutback agents, like Kerosene, are used to lower bitumen viscosity, making it suitable for priming road surfaces.
  6. Cold Application: MC-3000 is ideal for cold application, eliminating the need for thinning and heating.

Guaranty/Warranty of Quality
Peak Universal Business ensures the quality of MC-3000 through:

  1. International Inspection: Arrangement of international inspectors to check quality and quantity during loading.
  2. Production Control: Quality control by the QC team through batch test reports before shipping.
  3. Compliance: Guaranteeing quality to meet ASTM/EN15322:2009 standards.

MC-3000 is packed in:

  1. Thick Steel Drums: New, sturdy steel drums prevent leaks inside containers.
  2. Pallets: Drums are placed on pallets for added protection.
  3. Bulk Options: Bulk packaging in bitutainers and tankers is also available.



Cutback Bitumen Medium Curing MC 3000

Technical Data Sheet
You can examine the technical details of Cutback Bitumen Medium Curing MC 3000 product on the table. All the information you need about the product is included in the table.
For more detailed explanations or assistance, please contact Peak Universal Business professional team. We are committed to providing you with the most suitable products for your projects, ensuring quality and reliability.

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