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Caustic Soda

Product Overview

Caustic soda

, also known as

sodium hydroxide (NaOH)

, is a highly versatile and essential industrial chemical. It is widely used in various industries for its strong alkaline properties and its ability to react with numerous substances. Caustic soda is available in various forms, including flakes, pellets, and liquid solutions, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Key Features

  • High Purity: Our caustic soda is produced to the highest standards of purity, ensuring maximum effectiveness in all applications.
  • Versatile Forms: Available in flakes, pellets, and liquid, providing flexibility for different industrial processes.
  • Strong Alkaline Properties: Excellent for neutralizing acids and breaking down organic materials.
  • Highly Reactive: Efficiently reacts with various substances, making it a key ingredient in many chemical processes.


  1. Chemical Manufacturing: Used as a raw material in the production of various chemicals, including detergents, soaps, and synthetic fibbers.
  2. Water Treatment: Essential for pH regulation and the removal of heavy metals and contaminants in water treatment facilities.
  3. Pulp and Paper Industry: Used in the pulping and bleaching processes, helping to break down lignin and improve paper quality.
  4. Textile Industry: Plays a crucial role in the textile industry for processes such as mercerization, which enhances the strength and dye affinity of fibbers.
  5. Oil and Gas: Utilized in the refining process to remove impurities from petroleum products.
  6. Food Processing: Used in food processing for applications like peeling fruits and vegetables and processing cocoa and chocolate.

Safety and Handling

Caustic soda is a highly corrosive substance that requires careful handling. It is important to follow all safety guidelines to prevent injuries and damage. Use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, goggles, and protective clothing, when handling caustic soda. Ensure adequate ventilation and avoid direct contact with skin and eyes.

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