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Caustic Soda Liquid

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caustic soda liquid

Caustic Soda Liquid, also known as lye, is a metal hydroxide traditionally obtained by leaching ashes. It contains a large amount of Potassium Carbonate, or “potash,” as well as a strong alkali that is highly soluble in water, producing caustic basic solutions. The term “lye” is often used interchangeably with Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), although historically it referred to potassium hydroxide (KOH) as well.
Types of Caustic Soda
Sodium Hydroxide solution is a colorless liquid with a density greater than water. It can cause severe irritation to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes, and is toxic if ingested. It is also corrosive to metals and tissue. The ideal storage temperature is between 15°C and 55°C; temperatures above 55°C can damage the packaging, while temperatures below -15°C can cause the liquid to freeze. Sodium Hydroxide is produced through the electrolytic chloralkaline process, which also yields Chlorine gas.
General Specification of Lye 50% or Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic Soda
Lye 50% or Sodium Hydroxide or Caustic Soda is a mineral compound with the formula NaOH. It can be found in solid (percolate or granular) or liquid form, with varying concentrations. Sodium hydroxide in saturated water is approximately 50% by weight. It is a highly volatile metallic open source and an alkaline salt that can be dissolved in water, methanol, and ethanol. Caustic soda absorbs carbon dioxide heavily in both solid and liquid states.
Uses in the Food Industry
Peak Universal Business also provides Food Grade Caustic Soda or Lye-Water or Sodium Hydroxide. Lye water or Caustic Soda is an essential ingredient in the crust of traditional Chinese mooncakes, and it is also used in making yellow Chinese noodles. It is commonly mistaken for noodles containing eggs. Sodium hydroxide is also used in the production of drinks and as a cleaning agent in soap-making and detergent production. In the 19th century, it was used as a hard surface rather than a liquid product because it was easier to store and transport. It is also used in caking and neutralizing acid in industries such as paper and pulp, polyester fiber, and cardboard factories.
Uses in Other Industries
Sodium Hydroxide is used in various industries, including the oil and gas industry, drilling, pharmaceuticals, battery manufacturing, army equipment, aluminum processing, leather manufacturing, and metal and polymer industries.
Caustic Soda Liquid Packing
Caustic Soda Liquid is typically packed according to customer inquiries, with options including IBC Tanks and drums. IBC Tanks have a capacity of 1000-1200 kg, while drums have a capacity of 200-220 kg of Caustic Soda lye.
Exporting Destinations
Caustic Soda Liquid 50% is commonly used in detergent, soap, paper making, drilling, polymer, army, leather, and food industries. It is exported to African, European, South American, and East Asian countries. The product is produced, packed, and exported under Peak Universal Business authorization, ensuring high quality.


Sodium Hydroxide Caustic Soda Liquid NaOH

Technical Data Sheet
For a comprehensive understanding of the technical specifications of Sodium Hydroxide Caustic Soda Liquid (NaOH), please refer to the table below. This table contains all the necessary information about the product, including its chemical formula, density, and potential hazards.
If you require further clarification or have any questions, the Peak Universal Business team is readily available to assist you. Our dedicated professionals are committed to providing you with the most suitable products for your projects, ensuring quality and reliability every step of the way.

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