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Calcium Chloride Food Grade

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for a variety of applications, including food preservation and processing.

Peak Calcium Chloride Food Grade

Count on Peak Universal Business for consistent quality, competitive prices, and dependable sourcing of Calcium Chloride Food Grade. Choose excellence; Choose Peak Universal Business’ premium products to ensure the highest standards in your food industry applications. Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) is widely used in a diverse range of food products, from cheese and tofu to beer, canned fruits and vegetables, and sports drinks.
In the food industry, Calcium Chloride Food Grade is commonly added as a firming agent. It reacts with the natural pectin found in fruits to prevent softening that may occur during processing. This makes it an essential ingredient for maintaining the firmness of fruits and vegetables, preventing them from breaking up during processing and cooking.
Some of the famous uses of Food grade Calcium chloride provided by the Peak Universal Business are given below:
Cheese Making:
In the cheese-making process, Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) is added to milk at the beginning to aid in coagulation. It enhances the size and strength of curds by affecting the size of casein particles, the main protein in milk. The larger the casein particles, the better the coagulation ability of the milk. Additionally, the size of casein particles influences the ease with which cheese curds shrink and release whey. Factors such as milk storage temperature, pasteurization, and lactation season can affect the calcium content of milk. CaCl2 is an effective coagulant and is often added to milk to rectify calcium settlement.
Beer Breweries:
CaCl2 is used in beer brewing to correct mineral deficiencies in brewing water. It helps in removing sodium alkalinity from water, ensuring a uniform taste regardless of processing location. The controlled re-mineralization of water with calcium chloride improves taste and affects flavor and chemical reactions during brewing. It can also influence yeast function during fermentation.
Other Food Applications:
CaCl2 is used as a firming agent in canned vegetables and in the production of tofu from soybean curds. It is also used in beverages, sports drinks, and bottled water. In pickles, it helps maintain a salty taste without increasing sodium content. International food producers choose CaCl2 from trusted suppliers due to its purity and control over critical production factors.
CaCl2 Function:
Calcium Chloride serves as a firming agent in prepared foods, including canned fruits and vegetables and tofu. It makes curds larger and firmer in store-bought milk. A teaspoon of calcium chloride solution can treat 2 gallons of milk. It is also used as an additive in pickle brine and as an ingredient in sports drinks.
Both the European Union and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have recognized Calcium Chloride Food Grade as a safe food additive. It has low toxicity and is safe for consumption at the levels used by manufacturers. However, it should not be used as a salt substitute due to its hygroscopic effects, which can cause intestinal problems and abdominal pain if ingested in large amounts.
In sports drinks, Calcium Chloride acts as an electrolyte, helping maintain fluid balance, muscle, and nerve functions. It contributes to bone health and prevents muscle spasms. Drinking a sports drink with electrolytes is recommended before exercise sessions lasting longer than an hour.


Calcium Chloride Food Grade CaCl2

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Discover the excellence of our Calcium Chloride Food Grade (CaCl2). Peak Universal Business provides high-quality, food safe Calcium Chloride for various applications, including food preservation and processing.
Rely on Peak Universal Business for consistent quality, competitive prices, and reliable sourcing of Calcium Chloride CaCl2. Choose our premium product to ensure the highest standards in your food industry applications.

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