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Standard Rubber Process Oil

Product Overview

Rubber Process Oil

Aromatic type is characterized by two bonded cyclic hydrocarbons. standard rubber process Oil is available in various grades of

Aromatic RPO, including High Viscosity, Medium Viscosity, and Low Viscosity


Standard Rubber Process Oil

(RPO) offered by

Peak Universal Business

comes in two commercial types: Synthetic and Natural. In essence, they are utilized in the production of a wide range of goods, such as

Toys, Hoses, Tires, Rubbers, and Giant Rubber

Products for Heavy Vehicles and Constructions, among others.

Standard Rubber Process Oil

This product is a blend of different processing components, including Naphthenic, Aromatic, and Paraffinic. Its primary application is in the Rubber industry, particularly in the manufacturing of Vehicle Tires worldwide. Additionally, Peak Universal Business Co. offers a specialized grade of Rubber Process Oil (RPO) tailored to the global needs, intended usage, and Tire type.
Rubber Process Oil (RPO) is available in three distinct types: Aromatic, Paraffinic, and Naphthenic, each of which is detailed below:
Aromatic RPO
Rubber Process Oil Aromatic type is characterized by two bonded cyclic hydrocarbons in its structure. Various grades of Aromatic RPO are available, including High Viscosity, Medium Viscosity, Low Viscosity, DAE, TDAE, and MES. This versatile product is used in the manufacture of a wide range of practical items such as Automotive Tires, Tire Re-treating, Automotive Tubes, Bicycle Tires, Battery Casings, Hoses, Belts, Containers, and Technical Goods. The TDAE grade, in particular, is ideal for producing Slippers, LPG Tubes, etc., due to its unique properties such as Color Stability, Good Solubility, and Thermal Stability.
Paraffinic RPO
This category of Rubber Processing Oils comprises branched or linear Hydrocarbons that provide goods with various Viscosities. As the length of the Hydrocarbon Chain increases, so does the Viscosity. Paraffinic RPO possesses unique properties that make it compatible for use in various operations. Some notable properties of this product include High Flash Point and High Viscosity.
Naphthenic RPO
Naphthenic RPO shares a similar structure with Aromatic RPO, except that their structural bonds are single. This product exhibits relatively high stability due to the unique bonds in its structure. Additionally, it offers benefits such as color stability, excellent solubility, and thermal stability.


Standard Rubber Process Oil

Technical Data Sheet
For detailed information about the technical specifications of Standard Rubber Process Oil products, please refer to the table below. If you require further clarification or have specific questions, our professional team is available to assist you.
The Peak Universal Business team is dedicated to providing you with the most suitable products for your projects, ensuring quality and reliability. Feel free to reach out to Peak Universal Business for any further assistance or inquiries.

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