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Residue Wax (Foots Oil)

Product Overview

Peak Universal Business proudly presents Foots Oil/Residual Oil, a premium-grade byproduct derived from the refining process of crude oil. As a leading supplier in the petrochemical industry, Peak Universal Business ensures the highest quality standards in every batch of Foots Oil/Residual Oil, catering to diverse industrial applications. With its superior properties and versatile uses, Foots Oil/Residual Oil stands as a reliable solution for various manufacturing processes.

residue wax foots oil

Composition and Properties:

Foots Oil/Residual Oil is obtained from the bottom fraction of the crude oil refining process, commonly known as the residual fraction. It consists of heavy hydrocarbons and residual components that remain after the distillation of lighter fractions such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene. The composition of Foots Oil/Residual Oil may vary depending on the crude oil source and refining techniques used.

Key properties of Foots Oil/Residual Oil include:

  • High viscosity: Foots Oil/Residual Oil exhibits a high viscosity, making it suitable for applications requiring lubrication and viscosity control.
  • Thermal stability: With excellent thermal stability, Foots Oil/Residual Oil maintains its properties at elevated temperatures, ensuring consistent performance in demanding environments.
  • Chemical compatibility: Foots Oil/Residual Oil demonstrates compatibility with a wide range of chemicals and additives, allowing for easy formulation and customization.
  • Low volatility: Its low volatility minimizes evaporation losses, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in industrial processes.
  • Dark color: Foots Oil/Residual Oil typically has a dark color due to the presence of residual impurities, which is a characteristic feature of heavy residual fractions.

Applications & Uses of Foots Oil/Residue Oil:

Foots Oil/Residual Oil finds versatile applications across various industries due to its unique properties and compatibility with different manufacturing processes. Some common applications include:

  1. Lubricant Manufacturing: Foots Oil/Residual Oil serves as a key ingredient in the formulation of lubricants and greases for automotive, industrial, and marine applications. Its high viscosity and thermal stability contribute to the lubricating properties and longevity of the finished products.
  2. Rubber Processing: In the rubber industry, Foots Oil/Residual Oil is utilized as a processing aid and plasticizer in the manufacturing of tires, conveyor belts, and other rubber products. It enhances the flow properties of rubber compounds and improves the mechanical properties of the final products.
  3. Asphalt Production: Foots Oil/Residual Oil is commonly used as a fluxing agent and viscosity modifier in the production of asphalt and bitumen-based products. Its high viscosity and thermal stability help achieve the desired consistency and performance characteristics in asphalt mixtures.
  4. Fuel Oil Blending: Foots Oil/Residual Oil serves as a valuable component in fuel oil blending, especially for marine fuels and power generation. Its high energy content and low volatility make it suitable for blending with lighter fractions to meet specific fuel specifications and regulatory requirements.
  5. Carbon Black Production: In the carbon black industry, Foots Oil/Residual Oil is utilized as a feedstock in the furnace black process for producing carbon black, a vital additive in rubber, plastics, and ink formulations. It provides the necessary carbonaceous material required for carbon black synthesis.

Quality Assurance:

At Peak Universal Business, quality assurance is paramount in the production and supply of Foots Oil/Residual Oil. Stringent quality control measures are implemented throughout the refining process to ensure purity, consistency, and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, comprehensive testing and analysis are conducted to verify the performance characteristics and suitability of Foots Oil/Residual Oil for various applications.


In conclusion, Foots Oil/Residual Oil offered by Peak Universal Business stands as a reliable and versatile solution for a wide range of industrial applications. With its superior properties and compatibility with diverse manufacturing processes, Foots Oil/Residual Oil serves as a valuable raw material in lubricant manufacturing, rubber processing, asphalt production, fuel oil blending, and carbon black production. Backed by Peak Universal Business’s commitment to quality and innovation, customers can trust Foots Oil/Residual Oil to deliver consistent performance and reliability in their operations.

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