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Polyethylene Wax

Product Overview

Polyethylene Wax

, a low molecular-weight polyethylene, is synthesized through the polymerization of ethylene. This synthetic wax is characterized by its white, odorless, and tasteless nature, coupled with a low melt viscosity and high melting point.
Polyethylene Wax is renowned for its exceptional lubrication, scratch resistance, and water-repellent properties, rendering it a preferred ingredient across a spectrum of industrial applications.

Polyethylene Wax

Applications of Polyethylene Wax
Polyethylene Wax finds extensive use across a range of industrial applications:

  1. Coatings and Inks: It is employed in coatings and inks to enhance scratch resistance and water repellency.
  2. Plastics: It is utilized in plastic production to provide lubrication and improve processing.
  3. Adhesives: It is incorporated into adhesives to enhance bonding properties and water resistance.
  4. Sealants: It is used in sealants to bolster water resistance and durability.

Packaging Options
Polyethylene Wax is available in diverse grades and forms, such as powder, granules, and flakes. It is typically packaged in 25 kg polyethylene bags or 500 kg jumbo bags. Customized packaging solutions can also be arranged upon request.



Polyethylene Wax (PE Wax)

Technical Data Sheet
For comprehensive details about the Polyethylene Wax, please refer to the table below.
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