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Penetration Bitumen 50/70

Product Overview

Bitumen Penetration Grade 50/70

is a standard penetration grade Bitumen typically utilized as a Paving Grade Bitumen suitable for road construction and for the production of


pavements with superior properties. This grade of Bitumen is primarily employed in the manufacture of hot mix asphalt for bases and wearing courses. The Bitumen supplied by

Peak Universal Business

is petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from fractional/vacuum distillation of crude oil. It is produced from vacuum residue (short residue) feedstock.

Penetration Bitumen Grade

Penetration Grade bitumen is specified by the penetration and softening point test. The designation is by penetration range only. The penetration grade bitumen’s have a thermoplastic property which causes the material to soften at high temperatures and to harden at lower temperatures. This unique temperature/viscosity relationship is important when determining the performance parameters such as the adhesion, rheology, durability, and application temperatures of bitumen.
Penetration Grade Bitumen 50/70 supplied by Peak Universal Business is manufactured with selected crude oils in efficient production processes that are undertaken in accordance with quality management standards ISO 9001. The consistently high quality is based on the meticulous selection of raw material and careful processing. Constant quality control and additional comprehensive tests ensure the unproblematic use of Bitumen 50/70 in the asphalt mixing plant.
Properties of Bitumen Penetration Grade 50/70:
Bitumen Penetration Grade 50/70 supplied by Peak Universal Business is pure petroleum grade bitumen, manufactured from vacuum bottom by passing hot air. It is produced from the remains of crude oil after cracking and removing hydrocarbon. The penetration grade bitumen 50/70 has a penetration between 50 C to 54 C. It has a thermoplastic property similar to synthetic resin material, getting softer with heating and hardening when cooled. Penetration grade bitumens are specified by the penetration and softening point test. The temperature-vs-stiffness relationship of bitumen is dependent on the source of crude oil and the method of refining.
Application of Bitumen Penetration Grade 50/70:
Bitumen penetration grade 50/70 is a semi-hard penetration grade, with penetration between 50 and 70. It is mostly used in road construction, asphalt pavement, and the manufacture of hot-mix asphalt. The penetration bituminous asphalt with high penetration numbers is soft, mostly used in cold weather conditions, while hard bituminous asphalt (low penetration number) can be used for warm weather conditions.
Guaranty and Safety of Bitumen Penetration 50/70:
Peak Universal Business guarantees the quality of bitumen penetration grade 50/70 with the arrangement of international inspectors to check the quality and quantity of the bitumen penetration grade 50/70 during loading to the vessel and controlling the production by QC by batch test report before shipping. Peak Universal Business guarantees that the Bitumen Grade 50/70 is produced in compliance and conformity to International of European Standards.
Packing of Bitumen 50/70:
Paving Bitumen 50/70 is commonly packed in new steel drums, 150, 180 & 220 Kg barrels, and 1MT and 500Kg Jumbo Bags or 300kg Bit bag. Likewise, the rest of the grades are ready to load Ex-work bulk Peak Universal Business by truck.


Penetration Bitumen 50/70

Technical Data Sheet
For a comprehensive understanding of the technical specifications of Penetration Bitumen 50/70, please refer to the table below. This table contains all the necessary information about the product, including penetration degree and softening point ranges.
If you require further clarification or have any questions, the Peak Universal Business team is readily available to assist you. Our dedicated professionals are committed to providing you with the most suitable products for your projects, ensuring quality and reliability every step of the way.

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