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Penetration Bitumen 40/50

Product Overview

Penetration Bitumen 40/50

, also known as cable grade, is a

semi-hard grade bitumen

. Like other grades of penetration bitumen, it is named based on the degree of needle penetration into the bitumen at a specific ambient temperature.
The softness or hardness of penetration bitumen is temperature-dependent; higher temperatures result in softer bitumen, while lower temperatures result in harder bitumen. Lower penetration grades are typically preferred in warmer regions, while

higher penetration

grades are favored in colder regions.

Penetration Bitumen Grade

Technical Properties:
Penetration Bitumen 40/50 has a penetration degree ranging from 40 to 50 deci-millimetres and a softening point between 52 and 60 ℃.
This grade of penetration bitumen is utilized in a variety of industries, including road construction and repairments, asphalt pavement production, production of thinner cables, coating, sealing operations, and most bituminous products.
Penetration Bitumen 40/50 is typically packed in new steel drums, jumbo bags, or bulk containers.


Penetration Bitumen 40/50

Technical Data Sheet
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