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Penetration Bitumen 30/40

Product Overview

Penetration Bitumen 30/40

is a

robust-grade bitumen

, suitable for various applications in road construction, repair, and asphalt production. This type of bitumen is primarily used as a paving material in pavements, offering durability and longevity.
Manufactured from vacuum bottom, a specialized material, Penetration Bitumen 30/40 is processed through hot air, ensuring

high-quality and consistent performance

. Additionally, it can be derived from refined crude oil after undergoing cracking and hydrocarbon removal processes.

Penetration Bitumen Grade

With its exceptional properties and multiple uses, Penetration Bitumen 30/40 is a reliable choice for road infrastructure projects, providing a strong foundation for safe and sustainable transportation networks.
Technical Properties:
Penetration Bitumen 30/40, manufactured by PUB-LTD Co., is produced through two methods: vacuum bottom products are passed through heated air, or it can be derived from oil cracking residues with hydrocarbons removed. This grade has a penetration degree ranging from 30 to 40 deci-millimetres and a softening point between 55 and 63 ℃.
PUBLTD Co.’s Penetration Bitumen 30/40 has a specialized use in addition to its general applications. It is particularly suited for use as the primary material in airport runways. Its performance is notably superior in areas where there is a temperature fluctuation range of 25 ℃.
Penetration Bitumen 30/40 is typically packed in new steel drums, jumbo bags, or bulk containers.


Penetration Bitumen 30/40

Technical Data Sheet
For detailed technical specifications of Penetration Bitumen 30/40, please refer to the table below.
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