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Penetration Bitumen 160/220

Product Overview

Penetration Bitumen 160/220

is classified as a soft grade, making it ideal for use in cold climates such as those found in northern Canadian cities. Despite its softness, this grade still exhibits thermoplastic properties, meaning its softness increases with higher temperatures and decreases with lower temperatures.

Peak Universal Business

has been able to produce the purest and

highest-quality bitumen

by carefully controlling operating conditions. This grade of bitumen is manufactured from vacuum bottom, processed through hot air in the reactor, resulting in a product of

exceptional purity and quality


Penetration Bitumen Grade

Technical Specifications:
Penetration Bitumen 160/220 is classified as a soft grade due to its needle penetration, which ranges from 160 to 220 Deci millimeters. Its softening point ranges from 35 to 43 ℃.
This grade of bitumen is used as a raw material for insulating products, sealing and coating routes, repairing damaged road surfaces, road constructions, and as a spray bitumen. Its specific penetration degree makes it suitable for use in special paints produced with bitumen, waterproof membranes, lubricants, and various other product formulations.
Packaging Options:
Available in New Steel Drums and Bulk quantities.


Penetration Bitumen 160/220

Technical Data Sheet
You can examine the technical details of Penetration Bitumen 160/220 product on the table. All the information you need about the product is included in the table. You can contact Peak Universal Business team for more detailed explanations. We are here to help you.
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