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Penetration Bitumen 10/20

Product Overview

Penetration Bitumen 10/20

, a

Hard-grade bitumen

, is a versatile material suitable for various applications in road construction, repair, and asphalt mixture production for coating and sealing operations. This type of bitumen is primarily used as a paving material in pavements, offering durability and longevity.
Manufactured from vacuum bottom, a specialized material, Penetration Bitumen 10/20 is processed through hot air, ensuring

high-quality and consistent performance

. Additionally, it can be derived from refined crude oil after undergoing cracking and hydrocarbon removal processes.

Penetration Bitumen Grade

With its exceptional properties and multiple uses, Penetration Bitumen 10/20 is a reliable choice for road infrastructure projects, providing a strong foundation for safe and sustainable transportation networks.
Technical Properties:
Penetration Bitumen grades are classified based on the penetration degree of the needle into the bitumen. Penetration Bitumen 10/20, for instance, falls within the 10 to 20 deci-millimetres range, with a softening point typically between 58 and 60 °C. All grades in this category exhibit thermoplastic properties, akin to synthetic resin materials, becoming softer when heated and more rigid when cooled.
Penetration Bitumen 10/20 is primarily used in asphalt production plants, where it is combined with hot asphalt mixtures. It finds applications in bases, coating patches, routes, pavements, road construction, and repair operations. Notably, it can reduce costs and material usage by over 30% compared to traditional methods.
Hazards and Handling:
The main hazards associated with Asphalt are related to its temperature. Hot asphalt can cause skin burns, and prolonged exposure to high vapor concentrations in poorly ventilated areas can pose health risks. While asphalt is not typically dusty, dust may be released during drilling, cutting, or shoving hardened asphalt, constituting a health hazard if inhaled excessively over time.
Inhalation of fumes should be minimized, and skin contact with hot asphalt should be avoided. Additional ventilation should be provided if there is a risk of vapor formation. Asphalt should be kept away from sources of ignition and heat, and smoking, eating, or drinking near it should be avoided.
No special storage requirements are needed for Asphalt, which is typically used upon receipt. Specific storage instructions can be found in the relevant Technical Data Sheet. Asphalt is usually packed in new steel drums, jumbo bags, or bulk containers.


Penetration Bitumen 10/20

Technical Data Sheet
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