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Heavy Slack Wax

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heavy slack wax

Slack Wax, derived from the solvent de-waxing process, offers a wide range of melting points and physical attributes, making it ideal for a variety of product and process applications.
Applications of Heavy Slack Wax
Our Heavy Slack Wax is a versatile product that finds application in various industrial processes. It serves as a blending component or waterproofing agent in the manufacturing of candles, polishes, matches, inks, carbon paper, and more. Externally, it can be used as an effective dust suppressant or controlled-release agent for chemicals and fertilizers.
12-16% Oil Content
Heavy Slack Wax with a 12-16% oil content boasts a higher melting and congealing point. This grade, once considered a refinery waste, is now in high demand. It is meticulously packed in drums during summer and polyamide bags in colder seasons to ensure safe and secure delivery.
8-12% Oil Content
Heavy Slack Wax with an 8-12% oil content has a higher melting and congealing point compared to light grade slack wax. This grade, once considered a refinery waste, is now highly sought after. It is typically booked and purchased months before production.
5-8% Oil Content
Heavy Slack Wax with a 5-8% oil content is primarily used in producing wax emulsions, polishing boards, cable filling, and in the paraffin wax and PVC industries.
2-5% Oil Content
Heavy Slack Wax with a 2-5% oil content has the lowest oil content among other grades of slack wax. Its low oil content makes it suitable for packing in bags.
We pack our Heavy Slack Wax in drums during summer and polyamide bags during colder seasons to prevent deformation and leakage during delivery.


Heavy Slack Wax

Technical Data Sheet
For a comprehensive overview of our Heavy Slack Wax product, please refer to the table below.
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