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Green Rubber Process Oil

Product Overview

Green Rubber Oil

is a versatile ingredient used in a variety of

industries, including ink formulation, insolation manufacturing, automobile tire production, rubber manufacturing, shoe manufacturing, flooring, cable production,

and many other rubber items.
Green Rubber Process Oil is an environment friendly oil with a high aromatic content, making it both environment friendly and non-toxic. It is used as a replacement for traditional aromatic oils. Its high viscosity gravity constant helps to reduce heat buildup and rotational resistance during tire use, making it an ideal choice for tire and rubber production.
These unique characteristics make our

Rubber Process Oil

suitable for use in tire and rubber production.

Green Rubber Process Oil

Applications of Rubber Process Oil
Rubber Process Oil finds its utility across a wide array of industries, including ink formulation, isolation manufacturing, automobile tire production, rubber manufacturing, shoe manufacturing, flooring, cable production, and other industrial interfaces.
Packaging Options
Rubber Process Oil is conveniently packed in new 180 kg drums, with each 20-foot container accommodating 80 drums. Additionally, it can be supplied in tanks or bulk shipments, and flexi tanks are also an option.
Rubber Process Oil and the Asian Tire Market
The rubber processing chemicals market is primarily fueled by the burgeoning demand for automobiles. Rubber processing chemicals are instrumental in enhancing the properties of rubber used in tire manufacturing. The escalating population and increased consumer spending have led to a surge in automobile demand, consequently driving up the demand for rubber processing chemicals. These chemicals augment the rubber’s superior qualities.
The automotive segment plays a pivotal role in the demand for rubber processing oils. The market for rubber processing chemicals is typically influenced by the growth in automobile demand. Rubber Process Oil is employed to enhance the rubber’s attributes in tire factories. The burgeoning society and heightened consumer spending have propelled the demand for automobiles, thereby increasing the need for rubber processing chemicals. These chemicals significantly improve the rubber’s qualities.
Moreover, Asia is witnessing the fastest growth in the rubber processing oils and chemicals market. The burgeoning demand for rubber processing oil chemicals from the tire industry is further propelling the market in this region. The economic progress in the region has spurred the demand for vehicles, thereby driving the market for rubber processing chemicals.
The Tire Market in the Philippines
The tire market in the Philippines is projected to surpass USD 970 million, owing to governmental support for automobiles. The tire manufacturing sector is expected to import more rubber process oil, as per recent research. Key factors driving this growth include the increasing concentration of automobile owners in the country, rapid infrastructure development, and a favorable trading and policy environment.
Usage in the Tire Market
Passenger car tires continue to dominate the market segment, holding a significant majority share in both volume and value sales. Urban cities in the Emirate are among the leading demand generators for tires.
Industry events such as auto mechanization and green auto shows significantly impact the Emirate’s ever-growing automotive trade, thereby influencing tire sales in the country. Key tire players include global automotive tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, and Goodyear. The Emirate, due to its significant oil reserves, is one of the major economic hubs in the Gulf Cooperation Council.
The country’s automotive industry has been flourishing at a rapid pace, thanks to significant industrial growth. These factors collectively contribute to the significant impetus in the country’s tire demand.

Green Rubber Process Oil

Technical Data Sheet
You can examine the technical details of Green Rubber Process Oil product on the table. The Peak Universal Business team is dedicated to providing you with the most suitable products for your projects, ensuring quality and reliability. For more detailed explanations about our Green Rubber Process Oil and its technical specifications, Please don’t hesitate to contact Peak Universal Business, We are here to assist you.

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