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Cutback Bitumen Rapid Curing

Product Overview

Boost your road construction projects with our

premium Cutback Bitumen Rapid Curing


Peak Universal Business


top-grade Cutback Bitumen Rapid Curing

, meticulously formulated for efficient pavement performance.
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premium-grade rapid curing cutback bitumen


Rapid Curing RC Cutback Bitumen

is produced by reducing the viscosity of ordinary bitumen through the addition of petroleum-type solvents.

Cutback Bitumen

is preferred due to its lower viscosity compared to neat asphalt, making it suitable for use in low-temperature conditions

Cutback Bitumen

Cutback asphalt

is known to “cure” as the petroleum solvent evaporates away. However, the use of cutback asphalts is decreasing due to environmental regulations and the loss of high-energy products. Emulsified asphalts, which evaporate water into the atmosphere, are becoming more popular due to their lower environmental impact and reduced energy requirements.
RC Cutback Bitumen
RC Cutback Bitumen is a type of bitumen that undergoes a curing process as the petroleum solvent evaporates, leaving only the bitumen. This process is known as “curing,” resulting in a rapid curing cutback bitumen. The specification for Rapid Curing (RC) Cutback Asphalts applies to liquid asphaltic materials in the form of asphalt cement combined with a petroleum solvent of a gasoline type. RC Cutback Asphalts are specified by the following grades: RC-70, RC-250, and RC-800. Rapid Curing Cutback Asphalt shall consist of asphalt cement which has been liquefied by blending with a gasoline type of petroleum solvent.
Cutback Bitumen Rapid Curing
Rapid curing cutback bitumen is typically used as prime coats and tack coats. Generally, Cutback Bitumen is divided into three groups depending on the volatility of the solvent added:
Liquid Rapid Curing Bitumen
We prepare the rapid curing cutback bitumen products with a light, rapidly evaporating diluent such as a naphtha or gasoline. The degree of liquidity developed in each case depends principally on the proportion of solvent to asphalt cement. To a minor degree, liquidity of cutback may be affected by hardness of base asphalt from which cutback is made. In addition, the degree of fluidity results in several grades of cutback asphalt—some quite fluid at ordinary temperatures and others somewhat more viscous. The more viscous grades may require a small amount of heating to make them fluid enough for construction operations. Rapid-setting grades uses for spray because reacting quickly. It used in bond/tack coats, chips/sand seals and other surface treatments.
Cutback Bitumen Rapid Curing Packing
Peak Universal Business’ Rapid Curing bitumen comes packed in new steel drums. Then, these drums get palatalized before loading.


Cutback Bitumen Rapid Curing

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