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Bitumen Emulsion

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Bitumen Emulsion typically consists of bitumen droplets suspended in water. While oil and water typically do not mix, the addition of an emulsifying agent allows for the dispersion of asphalt in water. This unique property enables the use of lower temperatures (45-70°C) for surface treatments, making it an efficient and effective choice for various construction applications.


Bitumen Emulsion

The application of Bitumen Emulsion requires significantly lower temperatures (around 45-70°C) compared to the 150-190°C used for hot mix asphalt cements. This lower temperature application minimizes the risk of damaging the asphalt and ensures a safer working environment for field personnel.
During the production of bitumen emulsion, water treated with an emulsifying agent and other chemicals is pumped to a colloid mill along with bitumen. The colloid mill breaks down the bitumen into tiny droplets, with the emulsifying agent preventing coalescence by migrating to the asphalt-water interface. The resulting emulsion is then pumped to a storage tank for further processing.
Bitumen Emulsion, known for its relatively low average particle size, can be efficiently prepared through a continuous process involving at least two static mixers arranged in series. The emulsion components are fed into the first mixer, and the product is passed from the first to the second mixer while maintaining a lower temperature. The final emulsion product is obtained from the outlet of the second mixer. These emulsions typically contain up to 70% bitumen with a mean particle size ranging from 2 to 8 microns.
This innovation in bitumen emulsion production offers ease of handling due to its lower viscosity compared to starting bitumen, making it suitable for various road-making and construction purposes. Additionally, the emulsion breaks down during use, allowing the water present to evaporate and leaving a bitumen film in the desired location, thus minimizing environmental concerns.
Methods of Preparation
Currently, there are two main methods utilized for the preparation of bitumen emulsions. The first method involves a colloid mill, while the second method utilizes a centrifugal pump.
In the colloid mill process, bitumen, water, and emulsifier are emulsified at a high shear rate. While this process is continuous, there is a limit on throughput to achieve an acceptable level of particle size distribution. Additionally, the process is conducted at atmospheric pressure, with the emulsion product emerging at temperatures below 100°C. However, feeding bitumen at temperatures above 140°C poses challenges, as it can lead to skin-hardening upon contact with the water feed, making emulsification difficult. This limitation restricts the types of bitumen that can be used in this manufacturing method.
A more recent development involves slightly greater pressures than atmospheric, along with cooling the product to emerge from the mixer at temperatures below 100°C. However, this requires additional equipment and can be challenging to control.
The second method employs a centrifugal pump but is essentially a batch process. In this method, the water phase must be continually recycled while hot bitumen is added gradually. However, this process results in a wide particle size distribution, leading to unevenness in the surface when the product is used.
The strength properties of bitumen are maintained without the need for heating. Cold or slightly warm emulsion mixes are used for pavement construction, ensuring ease of application. Emulsions can be applied even in wet weather conditions, including rain, and possess anti-stripping properties. Additionally, there is minimal wastage during laying and storage.
Emulsions with lower viscosity or thinner consistency improve spreadability and enable better coating of the bitumen on the surface of aggregate. Due to their water-based nature, they have minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, bitumen emulsion is the least energy-intensive construction material, as it does not require heating during application.
The suitability of emulsion varies depending on factors such as the nature of the aggregate, whether it is acidic or basic. The setting time is influenced by air temperature, wind velocity, and the type of emulsion used, leading to a wide range of curing times.
To meet specific requirements, a suitable emulsion mix must be carefully designed. Additionally, determining the optimal quantity of emulsion for each case involves considerations such as the zone, type of emulsion, mix grade, and desired mechanical properties.


Bitumen Emulsion Slow Setting

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Bitumen Emulsion Medium Setting

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Bitumen Emulsion Rapid Setting

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